Where’s Jordan?: About

“Jordan my man.” This all started out as a light joke between me and a friend when others started to realize that me and Jordan are literally the different sides of the same coin.

Jordan is light-hearted and ridiculous. I talk to him almost everyday about any and everything. He’s informed and humble. Caring and honest.

He deals with my antics. Jordan is literally the most patient person for the simple fact that I would’ve blocked me by now. No matter what is going on in any of our lives, I always seem to bring it back to the fact that he still hasn’t proposed.

A couple months back, I took my antics to twitter and really started jackin that Jordan was my man and boy did it catch on. I got my friends in on it, and we are now the official ‘NY love goals.’

Anyway, I created this section and dedicated it to Jordan because of all things he’s a man, and he accepts that role whole-heartedly. He acknowledges his way of thinking and his stance in conversation is due to him being a guy. When the topic of conversation finally turns to thoughts on actual relationships, he offers something that I haven’t found in a lot of guys, and that’s male honesty. I appreciate him for always just being himself and he’s one of my closest friends in my life right now.

With that being said, “where’s Jordan” symbolizes the facts of life I want to talk about when touching on relationships, friendships, sex and just love in general. I look for ‘Jordan’ in any person in my life because honest and humility is why we’re getting married in the first place. (he’s still not jackin it)


To Jordan. I love you. Cause you my man.


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