WCW – Meet Glo: A Social Sensation

Name: Gloria | Birthday: August 31 | Hometown: Indianapolis | 


Gloria SKA (socially known as) Glo’ is someone I’ve been following on Tumblr for a while. Born and raised in Indianapolis, she has the personality of someone I suspected would be from NY. She always came with hilarious jokes and videos that would gain a huge following in a matter of hours. So you would guess that it came as a shock to me when I became exposed to her personal life and learned how much she deals with from behind the screen. Like everyone, she overcomes battles everyday, and her story is something I wanted to share.

Jamice: Okay, well first let me pull up my questions on my notes. Okay! Alright so, I noticed that you dance, when did you start dancing?

Glo: When I was eleven, in middle school, it was like a middle school dance team.

Jamice: And what is your favorite genre to dance to?

Glo: Hip-Hop.

Jamice: Are you on a dance team right now or is it just a hobby you do on your own time?

Glo:  Well, I’m not on a dance team right now.But I was on a team called ‘Essence’ and umm, I was on that for like two years. And then, I quit ‘Essence’ and did a class which was an African-American dance club and you had to do performances and stuff. And you had to practice every Tuesday and Thursday for three hours.

Jamice: *pauses*

Glo: *chuckles* Yeah it was like that. It was a dance class.

Jamice: Okay, well, what it your go-to outlet when you feel overwhelmed or stressed.

Glo: *laughs* Smoking.

Jamice: *laughs* welp, a segway into that is I noticed you are so open about your mental illness, how did you learn to do with it?

Glo: Umm, I guess it’s just because I learned about it. I was like a sophomore in high school and since I know so much about it now, it’s not as scary as it used to be. It is still scary but I feel like people need to know that it’s nothing to be scared about.

Jamice: mmm, that’s understandable.

Glo: And I don’t feel like they need to know about me, but I know that if I want to do it, I can do it.

Jamice: yeah, because I have anxiety and I didn’t understand it and it didn’t really start affecting me till sophomore year of college. It started getting uncontrollable to the point where it affected my schoolwork and my job. Then I started seeing a therapist who helped me control what I was feeling and after that I was like: “oh it’s lit!” Cause it’s definitely something that is hard to deal with. Do you have a strong support group?

Glo: Yeah, my family is very supportive. I mean, they understand as much as they can and so does everyone else. I don’t really have a lot of close friends, I have like one. But yeah, she knows about all this stuff. Like we go through stuff together.

Jamice: That’s good. I think it’s much harder, especially with panic attacks they’re super scary because I’ll be fine one minute and then the next thing you know, I really can’t breathe. But let’s see…who in your family are you the closest to?

Glo: My sister. My older sister, she’s two years older. We always been two peas in a pod. Cause the oldest is ten years older than me and then the next one up is five years younger than me so we’re the closest in age.

Jamice: Okay, that’s cool. I have a sister and a brother, however, I’m the oldest. But next question, what did your last or current relationship teach you?

Glo: Um, I guess my last relationship taught me that it takes more than just liking a person to be with a person. Like there has to be common ground on a lot of levels for it to work. I don’t know, it takes a lot of vulnerability and trust to be in a relationship.

Jamice: I agree with all of that. And what song makes you dance no matter what?

Glo: Hmm.. *takes two minutes* I guess, ‘Get Low’

Jamice: By Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz?

Glo: *chuckles* Yeah.

Jamice: Interesting..Well that’s all the questions I have for you today. Any last words for you interview

Glo: *shrugs* F*ck The Police.

Be sure to follow Glo on social media

Twitter: @notglo

Snapchat: @notglo


Author: JamiceOfCourse

I am a young female blogger and writer who is exploring all things creative.

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