Where’s Jordan?: In The Workplace

A week or so ago, I called Jordan up and asked him a simple question which he, in turn, gave me a simple answer.

“How do you feel about being involved with someone at your jo-“

*shakes head* NOPE. I don’t sh*t where I eat.

Welp. There you have it.

However, this is an idea I’ve been toying with back and forth for quite some time. Nobody or a time in specific but just a general idea of working with someone you’re involved with. I’ve seen regular boyfriend/girlfriend couples work together, married couples work together, even exes work together and I never seen it as a problem until Jordan and my friend Kyndal expressed that it was indeed a horrible idea.

I always thought that as mature adults, you should be able to handle yourself in the workplace and leave personal things at home but then I began to realize that there were times where I had to call out of work just because I couldn’t deal with certain personal issues. With that being said, in what world am I talking about being professional at work around my significant other.

Listen sis, I slap people. So I highly doubt that I could leave the problems at home when my hands travel everywhere with me.

I proceeded to take my curiosities elsewhere and got some feedback:

What are your thoughts?




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