The Woman In The Water

Keon’s eyes felt heavy as she woke up breathing in the crisp air. She remembered closing her window that night because it had been a lot colder than usual. Her mother who was always afraid she would overheat, cracked it in the middle of the night. She felt feverish and uneasy, as if she had eaten something bad the night before. She threw her legs over the side of the bed and listened to the alleys of her joints speak back to her.

                  Suddenly she felt a cold, almost wet hand wrap around her ankle. She felt a scream bubble from her gut but before she could let it out, the air was taken from her lungs by a hand that pulled her under bed. She felt her body go cool and weightless as she looked around and seen she was suspended in water. She frantically looked up but there was no ceiling. It seemed like the water above her went on for miles. She continued to hold her breath. When she looked around, a figure appeared in front of her. It looked human, familiar, but the water had distorted its face.

                  Three booming sounds echoed as if the water had heartbeats and the waves grew dark around her. She splashed and soon the water cleared and a little girl in a living room appeared in front of her. The small child had on a pink fluffy dress with a bow in a hair trying to keep her balance on a red bicycle. A woman leaned over her fixing her hair but her back was turned so Keon couldn’t see.

                  Another round of booming sounds rang out as the water turned dark and cleared revealing a woman whose again back was turned so Keon couldn’t see her face. She was sitting at the table and Keon could see the same little girl standing on the other side of the table. The perspective changed and Keon could now see the woman’s lifeless expression. The solemn woman’s arm rested on the table with a silver revolver placed under her hand. The little girl also emotionless stared at the woman as she brought the gun to her temple and pulled the trigger. The girl flinches as fragments of the woman clung onto the walls around them. The little girl just stared blankly as the body limped onto the ground.

                  Three booming sounds echoed again. The water darkened and cleared, revealing the same little girl but older. She was in a classroom coloring with a brown crayon. One brown rectangle in the middle of the blank page, tracing the same box over and over and over again. A pink and white flower lay by her left arm and her eyes seemed wet from crying. Again a different woman appeared and leaned over with a hopeful smile and seemed to talk to her and compliment on her drawing. She didn’t seem to respond and continued tracing the same brown box.

                  The water grew dark and the human-like figure appeared again. It had grown long dark hair that surrounded its head, and taken more of a feminine form. She reached out her hand as if to stroke Keon’s face but she couldn’t reach. The sounds echoed again. Keon waited for the water to grow dark but an image just appeared with a young girl around the age of thirteen or fourteen. She is sitting at a kitchen table and blood is coming from her arm while she bares the same blank expression as the women Keon had seen in the other images. A man rushes in and grabs the girl and starts shaking her violently as if to wake her. He rushes over to the sink and runs her arm under the water and she starts crying in his arms.

                  Keon then hears four loud thumps, this time louder than before and the water grows and she can’t see. She waited, expecting for the water to clear again and seen another image light up in front of her. The water became still and turned to a color deeper than black as if to swallow her and she could feel if something was around her but she couldn’t see anything. Something moved past her and her stomach dropped as she felt her body sinking deeper into the water. She looked up as if to try to swim to the surface and she came face to face with woman in the water. She wanted to scream for help but she was frozen in fear. She was still sinking deeper when she stopped and the figure grabbed her shoulders and began to maneuver her onto her back. Keon grew anxious as her chest began to burn, she couldn’t breathe now. Her lungs felt like someone had lit a small fire inside them and her extremities began to jerk beyond her control. The figure sunk her hands deeper into her shoulders and she could feel her nails piercing into her skin. The woman moved closer towards her face and revealed a disfigured smile and blank stare. The woman kissed her and immediately whispered “breathe.”

                  Keon’s eyes shot open and she took a huge gulp, the air tasted like acid in her lungs. Once her muscles relaxed she realized she was laying on her back staring a white tiled ceiling as if she was laying in the bathtub. She could hear water rushing in her ears and her body was suspended in scarlet stained water. She felt limp and the lengths of both forearms stung as if they had been split open. Again the room bellowed with three hollow sounds.

                  “Keon please. Open the door.”


Author: JamiceOfCourse

I am a young female blogger and writer who is exploring all things creative.

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