MGM Grand – Las Vegas, Nevada

Travel Buddies, for Fourth of July weekend I went to Las Vegas and stayed at the MGM Grand with a newfound friend! How was it? Well wouldn’t you like to know!

🛎️ – Completely Unsatisfied

🛎️ 🛎️ – Needs More Work

🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️  – Not Bad Could Be Better

🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️ – Satisfied and Enjoyable

🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️ – The Best AKA YASSSSS !!!!

Location🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️ 

The MGM Grand is located directly on the Strip so it was super convenient to walk to other hotels, sight see and to get food. Another thing you should know about Las Vegas is that Uber and Lyft do not pick you up directly on the street, you have to go to a hotel’s rideshare location usually located in the parking lot, in order to get your Uber/Lyft. Because we were on the strip, we could easily go to any hotel parking lot and catch our car to any location.

Aesthetics🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️🛎️ 

Both the outside and inside of the hotel was amazing. One thing about Las Vegas hotels is that they’re not hotels, they’re resorts, so they’re HUGE! The casinos, the pools, the restaurants, some of them even have clubs so it’s really a lot to take in. However, everything is amazing, bright, and loud (in both color and sound) so it’s great for vlogging and photo-ops. Being that our room was on the sixteenth floor, it had a huge window with an amazing view so the lighting was perfect for selfies.

Cleanliness:🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️🛎️

The resort was spotless from the lobby to our double room. The pool had a lot of people which is why it was rimmed with cups and bottles which wasn’t an issue because it felt like a party.

Service:🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️🛎️

The service was great. We didn’t really call the front desk except to have more towels sent up but whenever we passed housekeeping, they always said good morning and good afternoon and was sure to ask if we needed anything. We ended up locking ourselves out and the guest services was happy to provide us with a new room key and directions to the club we were going to. We ate twice at the brunch buffet they had downstairs which was AMAZING and the staff was courteous, conversational, and can COOK!

Affordability:🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️🛎️

A lot of people tend to think that Las Vegas is expensive, but our room was very affordable for the space that they provided. If you look on any travel site or directly on the hotel’s website, you can find great deals and because Las Vegas can reach a high of 115 degrees and is pretty much party day and night, you don’t need a long stay anyway. Three or four days is more than enough.

OVERALL SCORE:🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️🛎️

This hotel averaged to five bells as I have no complaints! I had a great time and the stay was definitely memorable as I had an amazing partner to experience with! We did our best to beat the heat but the MGM Grand definitely made it worth it. I would love to stay at other hotels, just to see what it’s like but for a first time goer, I would strongly recommend the MGM Grand!


Author: JamiceOfCourse

I am a young female blogger and writer who is exploring all things creative.

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