Join My Team: Isaiah’s Promise

Hello loves! I am currently looking to revamp and rebuild my brand from the ground up and I need some creative and hardworking talented people to help me. Here are a few of the positions I am looking to fill. If you are interested, please shoot me an email with your name and the position your interested in in the subject line. In the body of the email, please include why you’re interested, a little bit about yourself, and a writing sample if possible. Thank you!

Open Positions

  • Junior Editor: The Big Cheese. You have the responsibility of fact checking, spelling, grammar, etc. Make sure that the final product reflects the personality of the writer and the overall tone of the brand. You enforce the deadlines to ensure they are met and that the brand stays strong and consistent.
  • Lifestyle (Writer): For the people. You are in charge of self-help and uplifting; whether it is beauty, fitness, emotions, spirituality, sex. You think we need it; I need you to write it.
  • Foodie/Travel (Writer): Self-explanatory. You love to eat; we’d love to have you. You visit restaurants, food trucks, carnival stands, you name it! Report your findings and don’t forget to leak the location!
  • Spotlights (Writer): Time for tea! You find out the latest small businesses, events, festivals and you report it back to us! Our supporters need to know!
  • Event Coordinator: There’s nothing like a good party. Your responsibility is to bring our team’s vision to life. You are in charge of everything from making the guest list to hiring the DJ. Will it be open bar? Indoor or Outdoor? Casual or black tie affair? It’s up to you!
  • Recruiter/Talent Acquisition: Inspector Gadget. You sift out new and raw talent to add to the team, the hottest venue for our next event, or a special someone for our next WCW. We trust in your ability to take our site to the next level.
  • WCW (writer): Your responsibility is to find, sit-down with amazing women and tell their story. Show them why they’re our crush of the week. Uplift and Represent.
  • Graphic Designer: A look. Your responsibility is to take our look and add some highlight. Our sites need a bronzy glow and you are our personal MUA.
  • Social Media/Strategy: CashMeOnTheTimeline How bout dah? You are our mouthpiece. All the apps. You also keep up with other social movements that will make a great addition to a post or event. You are the chef in the recipe for success.
  • Photographer: Off guards, selfies, us-ies? Hold it down!

Any other general questions or questions about the available positions, please contact me at


A GREAT READ!!! #Inspo

We think of about 60,000 thoughts per day. How terrible is it that if more than half of those thoughts result in you complaining? That’s a lot of damn complaining. When we’re living in a negative head-space it can be extremely difficult to find something not worth complaining about at least once a day. Viewing life from […]

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Blessed 2017, y’all. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a proud bibliophile. Next to sipping wine and tea, listening to trap music and collecting journals, I love nothing more than getting cozy on the couch and flipping my fingers through a good book. My affinity for reading was instilled in me at a very young […]

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Losing Myself In Me

For the past couple of weeks or so I have found that I have gotten farther away from the likes of social media and all that comes with it. I have focused up and started writing, reading, and learning, basically setting up my dominos of life to fall into place. I have been reading this book “Tuesdays with Morrie” and it has changed my perspective on the ways I’ve been handling my life and better yet, handling myself.

  1. I want to be more careful: I need to treat myself with care. Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and everything in between. I have taken to being alone and learning how to enjoy it. Listening to the rhythms of my silence and syncing them with the rhythms of my work ethic has been a challenge but I am learning to better myself with time.
  2. I want to be consistent: To follow up my with work ethic, I want to deliver what I promised to myself and to the audience. I want to post great content on my blog and have my words resonate with my readers. I want to inspire others to start up their platforms and challenge themselves the way that I’m trying to do.
  3. I want to be brave: Another gem I stole from Tuesdays with Morrie is to immerse myself in my feelings. Whether I’m angry, in love, sad, or excited, I want to feel it all. I want to allow myself to completely indulge in my emotions without allowing them to control, or better yet, destroy me.
  4. I want to be free: I felt myself living with restraints. Scared to be judged and lessen my experience with the opinions of others. I want to thoroughly experience my travels. To establish and actually meet my goals head on.

“Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.” – Morrie Schwartz


Where’s Jordan: I Don’t Want To Talk About It

So Jordan is on vacation for two whole weeks…

However, for the past couple of days we always fall back on a similar topic: feelings. The fact that we don’t want to share them but need to.


Talking about my feelings with another person felt good at the time being, however, I felt a little too vulnerable. As if at any moment, they can use that against me, even when I’m not feeling that way anymore. I felt as if nobody really cares what your problem is, they just need something to talk about until something juicier comes along. And I don’t want to burden someone with these feelings, especially if it’s something I have been crooning over for weeks and sometimes even months.

Who do I even speak to?

You have your friends. Then you have your best friend. Your boy/girlfriend. Your close cousin that’s like your sister. And everybody compartmentalizes their life so much. They tell certain info to certain people so that other certain people don’t know. That’s a hassle. An anomaly even. I personally try to make the best or a joke out of everything, and when something really hurts, I disappear. I don’t hesitate to keep myself away because I don’t want anyone to see the cracks in my demeanor.

What do I even say? 

Nothing makes sense in my head when I’m upset and makes even less sense when I try to talk about it. Fragments of the past tend to come up with me dealing with the present and then the listener becomes confused. And you’re right, feelings are not supposed to be clear cut and wrapped in a pretty bow but how is someone supposed to help if they can barely understand you. It makes me feel inadequate when I can’t quite put my finger on something.

“You have to have someone you can speak to. Not speaking to anyone isn’t healthy.”

I know that and I have people I can speak to, I just don’t want to.

To simplify is this: It’s good to talk. If it’s a therapist, a friend, a stranger, to God or even to yourself in your own room. The thing is, it’s your choice at your own pace on your own time. You can say as little and as much as you want and you can give yourself as much time in between as you want. If you feel like your burdening someone, it’s okay to talk about that with them too.

I’m still learning.

Where’s Jordan?: In The Workplace

A week or so ago, I called Jordan up and asked him a simple question which he, in turn, gave me a simple answer.

“How do you feel about being involved with someone at your jo-“

*shakes head* NOPE. I don’t sh*t where I eat.

Welp. There you have it.

However, this is an idea I’ve been toying with back and forth for quite some time. Nobody or a time in specific but just a general idea of working with someone you’re involved with. I’ve seen regular boyfriend/girlfriend couples work together, married couples work together, even exes work together and I never seen it as a problem until Jordan and my friend Kyndal expressed that it was indeed a horrible idea.

I always thought that as mature adults, you should be able to handle yourself in the workplace and leave personal things at home but then I began to realize that there were times where I had to call out of work just because I couldn’t deal with certain personal issues. With that being said, in what world am I talking about being professional at work around my significant other.

Listen sis, I slap people. So I highly doubt that I could leave the problems at home when my hands travel everywhere with me.

I proceeded to take my curiosities elsewhere and got some feedback:

What are your thoughts?



Where’s Jordan?: About

“Jordan my man.” This all started out as a light joke between me and a friend when others started to realize that me and Jordan are literally the different sides of the same coin.

Jordan is light-hearted and ridiculous. I talk to him almost everyday about any and everything. He’s informed and humble. Caring and honest.

He deals with my antics. Jordan is literally the most patient person for the simple fact that I would’ve blocked me by now. No matter what is going on in any of our lives, I always seem to bring it back to the fact that he still hasn’t proposed.

A couple months back, I took my antics to twitter and really started jackin that Jordan was my man and boy did it catch on. I got my friends in on it, and we are now the official ‘NY love goals.’

Anyway, I created this section and dedicated it to Jordan because of all things he’s a man, and he accepts that role whole-heartedly. He acknowledges his way of thinking and his stance in conversation is due to him being a guy. When the topic of conversation finally turns to thoughts on actual relationships, he offers something that I haven’t found in a lot of guys, and that’s male honesty. I appreciate him for always just being himself and he’s one of my closest friends in my life right now.

With that being said, “where’s Jordan” symbolizes the facts of life I want to talk about when touching on relationships, friendships, sex and just love in general. I look for ‘Jordan’ in any person in my life because honest and humility is why we’re getting married in the first place. (he’s still not jackin it)


To Jordan. I love you. Cause you my man.