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We think of about 60,000 thoughts per day. How terrible is it that if more than half of those thoughts result in you complaining? That’s a lot of damn complaining. When we’re living in a negative head-space it can be extremely difficult to find something not worth complaining about at least once a day. Viewing life from […]

via Why Complaining Less is The Best Approach to A Better Life — amber-janae.com

New Podcast Alert: The Get Back – Episode One

Hey guys! So I finally got a new pair of headphones with my mic so that I can ramp up production again. I decided to kick off my podcasting again with a new season titled: ‘The Get Back.’ This will feature some helpful tips in order to keep you focused and ease your mind with all those overwhelming thoughts that us millenials have trying to brand ourselves in the industry we want. In addition, I’m looking to give you guys a more detailed look into my personal life with what I call “audio blogging” in which I catch you guys up what’s going in my life with my ‘Big Move’ and starting my new career. Hope you guys and enjoy and remember, in life there is LOVE!

Get That Money Honey!: Beyond Our Blackness Fundraising Campaign

Hello guys! I know I have been gone for a while but trust me, I am working hard. Beside the 40-hour work weeks, I have been grinding out so many things for my family and my own personal businesses. With that being said, I have started a small fundraising campaign for an annual event I want to do in the fall of this year.

Beyond Our Blackness is an annual exhibition that showcases the talents of black owners, artists, musicians, writers, chefs, trainers, etc. and gives them a platform to network with others. Although this is the first event, I would love to have this bigger than ever! If you would like to support, please click here to donate as well as copy and share the link on your social media platforms. If you are in the NYC as well as surrounding areas, please be on the lookout for the event so you can attend. Thank you so much for all your constant support and be blessed.

Personal Captures: My first business venture

One of my many and longer mottos in life are: find a passion that brings you joy, one that gives back, and one that draws an income. If you’re lucky, you’ll find one that does all three.

I always loved to create and my grandmother always inspired me to do just that. Whether it was with music, art, food, praying or anything else she could think of. With that beings said, I decided to start a small business in which I personalize graduation caps. I’m no B. Smith, but I definitely think with a little support and a lot of practice, I can definitely turn this into something. I’m already proud of myself for putting my work out there but I know I can really help others and add a little more flair to their big day.
Although this is just the beginning, I hope you guys all support by either purchasing or if you ‘been there, grad that,’ please support by sharing. Also, don’t forget to follow @personalcaptures on Instagram for more info, new caps, and my road on this new venture. If you’re interested, the order form is in the bio as well. Thank you for everything and never forget to support your local black businesses!

Jamice Of Course – Episode 4: Disappointment & Closure

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while but I am back with episode four of my podcast. This one is about disappointment and closure and sometimes we will have to do with one without the other. Although I got a little excited, I’m passionate about this topic! I hope you guys enjoy and thank you for you support!

Focus Fast – Join Me and Come Get Your Blessing!

This is the beginning of the ‘Focus Fast’ It will take place Wednesday, January 25th at 12am EST and end on Saturday, January 28th at 12pm EST.

Diet: Fruits, veggies, lean meats, water and fruit juices and whole grains.
Stay away from alcohol, soda, carbs, smoking, and any vices such as social media or reality tv.
Take 15 minutes min. out of your day to silence your surroundings and place yourself in deep prayer or meditation to be on one accord with the Lord. I encourage you all to participate. God Bless.