Herring: Chapter Two – The Voice

Herring.” The Voice had a reprimanding tone as if he knew what she had planned. “Let me tell you something: I am not the one to be toyed with. As if you think I am dumb? I am so offended and I do not take offense well. She is your responsibility!” He paused and laughed to himself. “ Well, she was.”

The line went dead and the phone dropped out of her hand. Her eyes went glassy as hot tears formed over them. Her mouth hung open and her body stiffened and sunk her deeper into the seat. She didn’t realize what she had done or who she had dragged into her mess of a life. Chloe didn’t ask for this; she wanted a little bit of excitement, mystery, and now she was probably lying in some nameless first hole in a place her family would never find, alone.

She had to at least find her, maybe she was still in the house, maybe she was still fighting for her li- Suddenly she felt the wind being knocked out of her and millions of sharp stings across her face. She could feel her body become weightless as if she was suspended in water. She could hear a long horn and two thick yellow lines in the street. Then everything went dark.

“Excuse Me. Ma’am. Excuse Me.” Herring blinked twice and she saw a pale faced woman leaning over her. She looked impatient as if she had been waiting for Herring to wake up for hours.

“Um, yes? Where am I?” She tried to sit up but her body felt like as if she was a shattered glass vase and someone tried to glue her back together. “What happened?”

“You’re dead ma’am.” The lady, which now looked like a nurse pulled back the covered and started removing the bandages around Herring’s legs.

“I’m what?”

“Dead. You are not alive. You are dead. You were speeding down the road and got into a vicious accident and you were dead on arrival. We came, we picked you up, and now you are here because you are dead.”

Every word pinched her sides as she tried to make sense of how she was so alive if she was dead? This didn’t make sense, nothing made sense. She could feel every pain in her body; she could touch the soreness pulsing between her shoulder blades and the stiffness in her neck. She was not dead.

“Yes, you are.” The nurse sighed. “Listen honey, it’s hard to explain and even harder to understand, but it is okay. Your life was over and hopefully you will be more careful in the next one.”

The next one?

“Yes. You didn’t think you would stay here? There are too many people in the world dying and way too many people to be born in order for you to just stay here. You die. We Fix. And then we put you back.”

Nothing made sense as the nurse went behind her bed and started fiddling with these small latches on the side of her bed. Next thing you know she was being whisked down a pink hall, turned right onto a navy blue hall and then pushed through these double doors. Inside was a dome shaped room with a huge pool of clear water. The water was so still it almost looked like it was glass and she felt her covers being pulled back again, but this time by three other nurses along with the main nurse.

“What’s going on?”

“It’s time to go my dear.”

“Wha- go where? There’s nothing but water in here?”

“Exactly, that is ‘The Link’ it brings you back between this place and the world a lot of people depart so soon.” Her tone saddened ever so slightly before she perked up. “On three ladies.” Each of them positioned themselves at the corner of Herring’s bed and lifted her sheets cradling her broken body. Herring was in no position to fight back and she didn’t really know what else to say.

“I’m hurting and I won’t be able to survive on my own. There are people after me.”

The main nurse ignored her pleas while she began to blurt out instructions. “We will release you into the water and you will begin to sink. Do not fight it as you will not be able to move. Your immediate reaction will be to hold your breath and it is your choice to do so, however the water will not harm you or your lungs. It will feel like the same air you breathe; once you pass out from holding your breath or breathe in ‘The Link’ you will wake up in another body, another world, another life I do not have time for questions. Any questions?” The nurse’s smile did not match her sarcastic tone as she lowered Herring into the pool.

“I just got here,” Herring squeaked.

The nurse stared deep into her the eyes as if she was looking at a toddler. “Oh darling, it’s been seventeen weeks.” With that, all of the nurses let go and Herring began to sink and fast. She began to protest when the water rushed into her mouth and immediately turned into air. It felt cold and pure and then it went dark.

“Angela, honey.”

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Refresh: The Get Back

Each day you get a fresh 24 hours to have a brand new start and turn your life in a different direction. Each day, you decide whether you want to be stuck in the same situation you were in yesterday or make changes to put you in a better position tomorrow. Each day you can make the conscious effort to be happy or just be. I decided to share with you all a few tips, mantras, or whatever you’d call it that I try and follow to keep myself out the dumps and in control.

  1. Not everyone has to be your friend: This is the opening statement of every speech you get from every black mom from middle school till eternity and I am now starting to realize that mama really knows best. Social media makes it a bit worse when all of the memes and Instagram pictures scream Squad Goals but not everyone is going to be in your squad. That doesn’t mean that you can’t keep them in your life but realize that in life you have your real friends and your party friends.
  2. Be your own cheerleader: If you have a passion, stick to it and believe in yourself. No one is going to support you like you. It’s hard to have something you’re super excited about and it doesn’t get the big name recognition you were hoping for. That’s life. What matters is that you keep going.
  3. Rest: OH MY GOSH, this is so important wow. Take a day off and just relax. Stop checking your emails, your notifications, your blog ratings, your listens on Soundcloud. Stop. Take a breath and do your laundry. Exfoliate. Binge watch TV shows on Netflix but please give yourself some rest. This will allow your brain to recuperate and that creative block you had all week will most likely subside and you’ll be flowing with ideas in no time.
  4.  MER (Month End Reviews): Trying to reach yearly goals are possible but intimidating. I have so many things that I want to achieve before 2017 ends but being in the beginning stages can be overwhelming and feel unattainable. I realized that breaking my goals down week by week and then rating my progress at the end of each month allowed me to see what I am doing right and what tools I need to work on.
  5. Rewards!: After completing your month end review, make sure you reward yourself for the small goals you completed. For example, I’m on the hunt for a new job. I rewarded myself for completing at least five applications per week. It doesn’t have to be huge rewards either. Maybe a trip to the movies, a trip to your favorite restaurant, or those shoes you’ve been eyeing in the mall. But make sure that you give yourself a constant reminder that you’re doing well.
  6. Consistency/Discipline: I feel this goes hand-in-hand. Be disciplined enough to be consistent. I am what you call a habitual procrastinator. If I tell myself I will start something at 5:30 and its 5:31 then I have to wait until tomorrow at 5:30. Setting a schedule whether it be for blogging, recording, designing etc. helps to start and maintain balance. Just like working out, if you keep to a strict schedule, you’ll start seeing results.

These easy steps along with your own personal adaptations are a sure way to help you create whatever visions you see in your head. Keep at it and remember in life, there’s always love!


Jamice…of course

Herring: Chapter One

“Angela Herring.”

A dark-haired woman about 5’5 rose from the beat-up plastic chair that was barely holding its own weight, let alone hers. She had smooth curves with a thick coat of chocolate keeping them into place. She walked into the office and sunk into the leather couch.

“I’m sure you already know why you’re here.” She stared blankly at the mahogany door behind the voice.

“Herring.” She looked up in sadness, she messed up.

“I’m sorry.”

“Oh honey. Sorry does not get my money back. You were an investment. I trusted and believed in you. I thought you were special and you let me down. What do I have now?” ‘The Voice’ clucked his tongue as he paced around the room. Herring just sat in silence. “Kill them.”

Her eyes widened at the thought. She had killed many johns before but this john had a name, a connection, she had loved them. Or maybe they had loved her? Could she? She couldn’t. She could ju-“Okay.”

The words escaped her mouth before her mind could finish her thought. She left the office and descended from the top floor. Her heart was pounding. She could not do this anymore. She had found someone that knew her, everything that she had done, was doing and was willing to do and asked not one question. They had helped her find a life outside of the one that The Voice had created for her.

She slid into her white Jag and waiting till she was least a mile away before she made the phone call. It rang at least twelve times before the line finally opened and a voice smoothed on the other side. “Hello?”


“Herring? Hey. Are you ok-“

“There’s no time just listen. I need you to pack anything and everything you do not want to leave behind and meet me at the airport in one hour. One hour. It’s 2:13 and your ass needs to be at Kipling Airport at 3:13, no later and we have to go.” At this point, Herring was breathless and feeling dizzy. She didn’t know what she was doing. She had only seen this done in movies was was in no mental space to wipe two whole people off the face of the Earth. She couldn’t do this.

“Okay. I love you.” The line went dead before she could explain anything else and she just kept driving. Less than fifteen seconds later, her phone danced in her lap and she answered without hesitation.


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New Podcast Alert: The Get Back – Episode One

Hey guys! So I finally got a new pair of headphones with my mic so that I can ramp up production again. I decided to kick off my podcasting again with a new season titled: ‘The Get Back.’ This will feature some helpful tips in order to keep you focused and ease your mind with all those overwhelming thoughts that us millenials have trying to brand ourselves in the industry we want. In addition, I’m looking to give you guys a more detailed look into my personal life with what I call “audio blogging” in which I catch you guys up what’s going in my life with my ‘Big Move’ and starting my new career. Hope you guys and enjoy and remember, in life there is LOVE!

Jamice Of Course – Episode 4: Disappointment & Closure

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while but I am back with episode four of my podcast. This one is about disappointment and closure and sometimes we will have to do with one without the other. Although I got a little excited, I’m passionate about this topic! I hope you guys enjoy and thank you for you support!