Herring: Chapter One

“Angela Herring.”

A dark-haired woman about 5’5 rose from the beat-up plastic chair that was barely holding its own weight, let alone hers. She had smooth curves with a thick coat of chocolate keeping them into place. She walked into the office and sunk into the leather couch.

“I’m sure you already know why you’re here.” She stared blankly at the mahogany door behind the voice.

“Herring.” She looked up in sadness, she messed up.

“I’m sorry.”

“Oh honey. Sorry does not get my money back. You were an investment. I trusted and believed in you. I thought you were special and you let me down. What do I have now?” ‘The Voice’ clucked his tongue as he paced around the room. Herring just sat in silence. “Kill them.”

Her eyes widened at the thought. She had killed many johns before but this john had a name, a connection, she had loved them. Or maybe they had loved her? Could she? She couldn’t. She could ju-“Okay.”

The words escaped her mouth before her mind could finish her thought. She left the office and descended from the top floor. Her heart was pounding. She could not do this anymore. She had found someone that knew her, everything that she had done, was doing and was willing to do and asked not one question. They had helped her find a life outside of the one that The Voice had created for her.

She slid into her white Jag and waiting till she was least a mile away before she made the phone call. It rang at least twelve times before the line finally opened and a voice smoothed on the other side. “Hello?”


“Herring? Hey. Are you ok-“

“There’s no time just listen. I need you to pack anything and everything you do not want to leave behind and meet me at the airport in one hour. One hour. It’s 2:13 and your ass needs to be at Kipling Airport at 3:13, no later and we have to go.” At this point, Herring was breathless and feeling dizzy. She didn’t know what she was doing. She had only seen this done in movies was was in no mental space to wipe two whole people off the face of the Earth. She couldn’t do this.

“Okay. I love you.” The line went dead before she could explain anything else and she just kept driving. Less than fifteen seconds later, her phone danced in her lap and she answered without hesitation.


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New Podcast Alert: The Get Back – Episode One

Hey guys! So I finally got a new pair of headphones with my mic so that I can ramp up production again. I decided to kick off my podcasting again with a new season titled: ‘The Get Back.’ This will feature some helpful tips in order to keep you focused and ease your mind with all those overwhelming thoughts that us millenials have trying to brand ourselves in the industry we want. In addition, I’m looking to give you guys a more detailed look into my personal life with what I call “audio blogging” in which I catch you guys up what’s going in my life with my ‘Big Move’ and starting my new career. Hope you guys and enjoy and remember, in life there is LOVE!

Jamice Of Course – Episode 4: Disappointment & Closure

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while but I am back with episode four of my podcast. This one is about disappointment and closure and sometimes we will have to do with one without the other. Although I got a little excited, I’m passionate about this topic! I hope you guys enjoy and thank you for you support!

Focus Fast – Join Me and Come Get Your Blessing!

This is the beginning of the ‘Focus Fast’ It will take place Wednesday, January 25th at 12am EST and end on Saturday, January 28th at 12pm EST.

Diet: Fruits, veggies, lean meats, water and fruit juices and whole grains.
Stay away from alcohol, soda, carbs, smoking, and any vices such as social media or reality tv.
Take 15 minutes min. out of your day to silence your surroundings and place yourself in deep prayer or meditation to be on one accord with the Lord. I encourage you all to participate. God Bless.

Jamice Of Course: Episode 3 – Self Control & Discipline

My third episode on my podcast talks about Self Control. Allow yourself to be in control of your thoughts, your reactions, your actions and so on. Another form of self control is to lose control. Discipline yourself into become for comfortable with who you are that you can meet your emotions head on and experience them in their entirety. Thank you for your constant support!