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This past weekend I got to sit down with Myrtendra Ciceron. Donning a crown of cotton candy pink hair, sitting in the belly of the new business building on campus, she offered to share bits of her life with me.

Jamice: I know that you dance, when did you first know that you like to dance?

Mimi: Honestly, my mother put me in dance classes so that’s my first memory. So ever since I was around three years old, that’s all I have been doing is dancing. I took a break from fourth grade to eighth grade just to do cheerleading, but at the same time, it was kind of like dancing to me as well. And then back in high school, I picked it up again and then in college, I went full force into dancing.

Jamice: Okay, so I also noticed, that had a sweater and on the back it said ‘Lust Gawd’ where did that stem from?

Mimi: *laughs* That came from Knemesis (her college dance team), and it came from Darnell, who was our old president. This was because when I first got on the team, like, it’s not that I was bad, it’s just that everybody starts off…rocky. But my starting off rocky wasn’t because I couldn’t dance, it was because I had these long ass braids right, and every time I would dance, I would smack somebody and that was obviously a safety hazard so I wasn’t in any dances. So um, I changed my hair and then all the dances I didn’t make before, I had my mind set on making them the next time. Then it was this one dance, and I forgot how it started but the way I entered the dance, it was mad lusty. Then after dance thereafter, that was my thing.

Jamice: What is one improvement that you would like to make in your life now?

Mimi: Hmm, one improvement that I would like to make is to be more consistent with my work. I do music, I write a lot and I love making videos. But because everything involves needing equipment or you like studio time and it’s hard to keep everything in balance and you need money. So every time I start working, I work a little too hard and everything falls to the back burner but I know why I’m working so hard is to get there. But it takes forever to get there because I need more consistency.

Jamice: That’s very understandable and I think that’s where I am right now because I have my blog and I’m in the process of writing a book and I want to start blogging but I keep thinking of all the things I need in order to start doing these things and for it to be perfect. But instead, I need to take the resources I have now and be consistent with that first before I move on to putting a lot of money into things. Okay, if some gave you an all-expense paid vacation, where would you go and why?

Mimi: That’s hard. Uhh..I would probably go to Hawaii. And I don’t know, I love the heat and everyone I know either chooses to go to Cancun or goes to the Bahamas or Dominican Republic but I want to go to Hawaii and just live that lifestyle. I think it would be fun and dope and sexy.

Jamice: No really though. Because I know a girl who moved to Hawaii and I see her on Snapchat and it looks like she loves it. I heard it’s expensive.

Mimi: Girl, you see how nice it is? People who live out there got the money honey.

Jamice: Right! What habit are you trying to break right now?

Mimi: One habit that I’m trying to break is every time somebody says certain words, I have a lyric for it. So, I’m like a walking karaoke and like even get annoyed with myself sometimes. So I’m trying to break that.

Jamice: Wow really? I never heard of that one before.

Mimi: Yeah, it’s like every word, I have a song for it.

Jamice: That’s interesting. I’m sorry, I just really love your hair.

Mimi: Wow, thank you. I’m telling you, I scared. Ever since I did the grey and I started doing more bold colors, I was always scared about doing a new color. I can’t show my mom though, she hates when I do color in my hair.

Jamice: Wow really, why?!

Mimi: She’s Haitian

Jamice: *laughs* well that’s all you had to say…


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WCW – Meet Glo: A Social Sensation

Name: Gloria | Birthday: August 31 | Hometown: Indianapolis | 


Gloria SKA (socially known as) Glo’ is someone I’ve been following on Tumblr for a while. Born and raised in Indianapolis, she has the personality of someone I suspected would be from NY. She always came with hilarious jokes and videos that would gain a huge following in a matter of hours. So you would guess that it came as a shock to me when I became exposed to her personal life and learned how much she deals with from behind the screen. Like everyone, she overcomes battles everyday, and her story is something I wanted to share.

Jamice: Okay, well first let me pull up my questions on my notes. Okay! Alright so, I noticed that you dance, when did you start dancing?

Glo: When I was eleven, in middle school, it was like a middle school dance team.

Jamice: And what is your favorite genre to dance to?

Glo: Hip-Hop.

Jamice: Are you on a dance team right now or is it just a hobby you do on your own time?

Glo:  Well, I’m not on a dance team right now.But I was on a team called ‘Essence’ and umm, I was on that for like two years. And then, I quit ‘Essence’ and did a class which was an African-American dance club and you had to do performances and stuff. And you had to practice every Tuesday and Thursday for three hours.

Jamice: *pauses*

Glo: *chuckles* Yeah it was like that. It was a dance class.

Jamice: Okay, well, what it your go-to outlet when you feel overwhelmed or stressed.

Glo: *laughs* Smoking.

Jamice: *laughs* welp, a segway into that is I noticed you are so open about your mental illness, how did you learn to do with it?

Glo: Umm, I guess it’s just because I learned about it. I was like a sophomore in high school and since I know so much about it now, it’s not as scary as it used to be. It is still scary but I feel like people need to know that it’s nothing to be scared about.

Jamice: mmm, that’s understandable.

Glo: And I don’t feel like they need to know about me, but I know that if I want to do it, I can do it.

Jamice: yeah, because I have anxiety and I didn’t understand it and it didn’t really start affecting me till sophomore year of college. It started getting uncontrollable to the point where it affected my schoolwork and my job. Then I started seeing a therapist who helped me control what I was feeling and after that I was like: “oh it’s lit!” Cause it’s definitely something that is hard to deal with. Do you have a strong support group?

Glo: Yeah, my family is very supportive. I mean, they understand as much as they can and so does everyone else. I don’t really have a lot of close friends, I have like one. But yeah, she knows about all this stuff. Like we go through stuff together.

Jamice: That’s good. I think it’s much harder, especially with panic attacks they’re super scary because I’ll be fine one minute and then the next thing you know, I really can’t breathe. But let’s see…who in your family are you the closest to?

Glo: My sister. My older sister, she’s two years older. We always been two peas in a pod. Cause the oldest is ten years older than me and then the next one up is five years younger than me so we’re the closest in age.

Jamice: Okay, that’s cool. I have a sister and a brother, however, I’m the oldest. But next question, what did your last or current relationship teach you?

Glo: Um, I guess my last relationship taught me that it takes more than just liking a person to be with a person. Like there has to be common ground on a lot of levels for it to work. I don’t know, it takes a lot of vulnerability and trust to be in a relationship.

Jamice: I agree with all of that. And what song makes you dance no matter what?

Glo: Hmm.. *takes two minutes* I guess, ‘Get Low’

Jamice: By Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz?

Glo: *chuckles* Yeah.

Jamice: Interesting..Well that’s all the questions I have for you today. Any last words for you interview

Glo: *shrugs* F*ck The Police.

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